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Iberian Connections 7.3: Friendship, Kinship, and the Law – In the Mediterranean

In this session we will attempt an anthro-historical triangulation of friendship, kinship, and the law at certain moments around the Mediterranean, the sea that saw the centuries’ long move from what Germaine Tillion called the “republic of brothers-in-law” to the “republic of cousins”, leading to the emergence of the “republic of brothers”. At times, the Law appears to distinguish friendship from kinship, be it under a this-worldly horizon or not. At others, legal reform treats friendship as the continuation of kinship by other means, and seeks to purify its realm from both. In other cases, perhaps the earliest, giving law meant forming and postulating friendship as a higher form of kinship – to harness it, scale it up, and then monopolize its dues. Some views of friendship see in it people’s ability to overcome the legal constraints of kinship. https://iberian-connections.yale.edu/issues/contemporary-pasts/

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