Kansas News Service Listening Session — Pittsburg
The Kansas News Service, with the help of America Amplified, is looking to talk to residents of Pittsburg about what they like about their community and what could be better, what brings them joy and what brings them down. We don’t know your community, but you do. And by chatting with us, you’ll help the Kansas News Service do more informed reporting that matters to all of Kansas – not just in the major cities and towns with public radio stations.

KRPS 89.9 invites area residents to volunteer to have a short, candid discussion with our partners at the Kansas News Service about the issues that matter to you. The discussions will last about 15 minutes and will take place via Zoom on Saturday, Sept. 19. After you submit your information, a reporter will contact you about the most convenient timeframe for you on the day of the listening session.

These discussions are not necessarily for stories, but to help southeast Kansas have a voice in the coverage of issues in the coming months and beyond.

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