KE Season 16 (2020-2021) Athlete Training -- REGISTRATION FORM
Email address *
Please list all other E-mail addresses which should receive KE's updates for your family -- other parent? the athlete? caregivers? If not, please write "N/A" *
All athletes must be an active member of the Ontario Cheerleading Federation (OCF) and Cheer Canada (CC) starting July 1, 2020. *
Each athlete must complete: 1) the NEW online waiver form, 2) Declaration of Understanding, and, 3) In-Gym Code of Conduct. *
You MUST read the KE Competitive Athlete Training info booklet prior to completing this form. Go to if you haven't yet done so. *
Athlete's name (given name followed by last name) *
Which program is your child interested in? Please check all that apply. *
Athlete's Date of Birth *
Athlete's complete mailing address with postal code *
Athlete's phone number. If the athlete does not have their own phone please leave this blank.
Primary Parent/Guardian's name (given name then last name) *
Primary parent/guardian's relationship to the athlete: *
Primary Parent/Guardian's phone number *
Other Parent/Guardian's name (given name then last name)
Other parent/guardian's relationship to the athlete: *
Other Parent/Guardian's phone number
Emergency Contacts -- please provide the FULL NAME and PHONE numbers of AT LEAST THREE adults not listed above who can come to the gym to assist the athlete in an emergency. *
Please provide a list of the approved persons who will pick up the athlete other than the parents. *
Athlete's school in September 2020. If not applicable please write "N/A". *
Athlete's grade in September 2020. If not in school please write "N/A". *
Communication is key! In addition to Email, we will be adding everyone to the Band app (please download the app) as well as Facebook. Please list below all of the Facebook names we should add for your family -- we recommend the athlete and all interested parents. If you don't have Facebook, please state that. *
Please read the list of tumbling skills. Which level best describes the majority of the athlete’s mastered skill set? Mastery is ability to do skills consistently with exceptionally clean technique and form. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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