Spring 2021 CMAS and CoAlt Form to Report Contaminated, Damaged, or Missing Materials
Follow the instructions in the CMAS and CoAlt Procedures Manual if any ELA, CSLA, math, science, or social studies test materials are contaminated (Section 4.1.5), damaged (Section 3.8.3), or missing (Section 5.1.2).

The School Assessment Coordinator (SAC) uses this form to report a contaminated, damaged, or missing material. Complete a new form for each material. If a replacement material is needed after completing this form, contact the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) to submit that request.

Note: CDE will require additional documentation for any missing secure materials.
Email address *
Contact first name *
Contact last name *
Contact phone and extension *
Include area code.
School name *
Do not use acronyms or nicknames.
School code *
If unknown, the four-digit school code is found in PearsonAccessnext (CO-DDDD-SSSS where SSSS represents the school code).
District name and code *
Date of report *
Assessment administration *
Content area *
Document type *
Provide additional details about the document
Select all that apply. Leave blank if none the following details describe the material.
Security number *
A security barcode appears on each secure material. The security number is printed with the barcode and is indicated on the School Security Checklist that was included in the boxes in which materials were received.
Issue *
Description of circumstances - do not include student PII (e.g., student name, SASID) *
Example: Student had a nosebleed on the test book. It was destroyed according to district biohazard protocol.
Select "submit" to report contaminated, damaged, or missing CMAS or CoAlt material. CDE will share a copy of this report with the District Assessment Coordinator.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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