Building a VR/AR community
Hello VR/AR family! My name is Eva Hoerth (@downtohoerth), and I reached out to you recently to pick your brain on how you've built up your own VR/AR communities.

I've been asked this question a lot lately. Those that ask me are hoping to form a community in their own city. However, most often, it's hard to compare Seattle (where I live) to other cities because we are *surrounded* by tech here, which gives us a huge advantage. But that means that the way I approach community-building won't necessarily be the right way for someone else.

So, I'd like to broaden my knowledge and learn about how *you* have approached building a community around VR/AR (especially inclusive/diverse ones). I'd love to hear about the challenges you've faced, the successes you've made, and what impact this has left.

Because a ton of you agreed to answer some of my questions (y'all are awesome!), I wanted to contain all this information in a single form--partly to maintain my sanity, but also to juxtapose responses from different regions. This is not a survey, but instead an open-answer Q&A. Because there's a lot, choose which ever questions you want to answer at any length (some are required). I want to learn a lot from you!

My intent is to review all of your responses, identify patterns, and assemble some kind of article that provides an overview of your responses for those who are curious about building communities in VR/AR.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please email me at, or contact me on Twitter @downtohoerth. Thank you so much for participating in this!


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