Radio 4CRB Listener Survey
4CRB needs your assistance. In filling out this survey, you will provide us with vital information for us to provide a better program for you, the 4CRB supporter. All information gathered will be anonymous and kept in the strictest confidence.
1. Could you please indicate which age bracket you fall in?
2. During Radiothon Week 2019, did you listen to 4CRB?
3. Does having the opportunity to win prizes during Radiothon make it more interesting or exciting for you?
4. Would you still support 4CRB regardless of the chance to win prizes?
5. Do you think 4CRB communicates effectively the reasons to support the station?
6. This year 4CRB introduced one major prize over the whole of Radiothon (European River Cruise) as well as other prizes throughout the week. Did you prefer this or smaller prizes more regularly throughout the week?
7. What is the main reason you supported 4CRB during this year’s Radiothon?
8. How often do you support 4CRB’s Radiothon?
9. We have included a 4CRB Merchandise order form with this survey. Are there any other items you would like 4CRB to add that you would consider purchasing?
10. We have made some changes over the last 12 months with our music selection.Have you noticed a difference in our programs?
11. Do you think our music selection in the last 12 months has:
12. Community radio stations are expected to promote local artists where possible.Would you like to hear:
We welcome any additional comments on the above questions or anything else you would like to give feedback on
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