Rajshahi University Higher Study Club Recruitment 2019
Rajshahi University Higher Study Club (RUHSC) is one of the leading organizations among the universities of Bangladesh working on facilitating higher study abroad and reducing information & communication gap between higher study passionate students and opportunities.
It started its journey in 2014 as a nonpartisan voluntary organization, established & run by RUians, pledged to promoting higher study abroad, leadership, communication, active citizenship, career development, community development & cultural enrichment.
As a club it conveys a mission to root out the myths about higher study abroad & to facilitate the process smooth. And the vision is to support Bangladesh supplying competent human resources with having sound knowledge in different fields & to contribute to push the country forward.
To achieve the mission & the vision it conducts so many seminars, workshops, exposure visits, competitions, social campaigns, career adda and obviously skill lab, the precise platform to sharpen the most pressing skills & competencies of its volunteers & members.
It also focuses on networking of its volunteers & members that’s why it collaborates with many reputed and leading organizations of BD like U.S. Embassy to Dhaka, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC), Bangladesh Brand Forum, Youth Opportunities (YO) etc. In collaboration with them it organizes quality events like Youth Fest, Youth Carnival & so on.
‘Opportunities for You’ (OFY) is the event RUHSC loves to cherish most because it already impacts the numbers of students from Rajshahi University getting opportunity to study in USA with full grant.
“Shete Hasbe Bangladesh” is its contribution towards the community from which it distributes warm cloths to impecunious folks in every winter.

1. All the required information about higher study abroad
2. Information about different leadership programs over the globe
3. World-class Mentorship
4. Personal Skill development lab
5. Vast networking
6. Groups for GRE & IELTS preparations
7. A well earnest community
8. A healthy didactic atmosphere
9. Cultural exchange
10. All the possible assistance at different competition & stuffs.

University 1st year and 2nd-year Undergraduate students from any institutions.


Fill up this form: http:www.tiny.cc/ruhscjoin2019
Please send the registration fee 50 BDT/= via bKash or Rocket.
Our bKash account number: 01700-97 98 41(personal)
Our Rocket account number: 01700-97 98 41 1(personal)

1. The application form is available at our Recruitment Booth in "Tukitaki Chattar", in front of Rabindra Bhaban, RU.

After filling up the form please submit it at Recruitment Booth.
Registration fee: 50 BDT/=
The application is open: 13th March 2019
The application will be closed: 25th March 2019

RUHSC is not only a club but more than a family. We are welcoming you to our big family.


Email: ruhscbd@gmail.com

Website: www.ruhsc.org

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RUHigherStudyClub/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RUHigherStudyClub/?ref=share

Mobile: +8801787896710 (Jahangir Alom)
+8801726265399 (Md. Asaduzzaman)
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