Prescott Resilience Hub Neighbor Survey
This 5 minute Survey is intended to get some basic feedback from Immediate Neighbors in the Prescott Neighborhood of West Oakland on the direction of the Prescott Resilience Hub and how it can best serve its community. 
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How prepared are you for an Earthquake, flood, fire or other disaster?
What are you most worried about in this area?
Are you interested in events/workshops around Earthquake Preparedness, Community Asset Mapping, Resilience Planning? Here's a good place to start for more info on preparing yourself.
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Lets say the Big Earthquake hits and all power and water is shut down for two weeks. Please describe How this Hub which has capacity for off grid energy, food and water storage could support you during that time and how do you see we might best structure open hours and  access to the site as supplies dwindle.
Our site sits on a former auto wrecking yard that is known to have high levels of heavy metals and other toxic chemicals in the soil, as much of West Oakland is.  Are you concerned about your own soil and groundwater?

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What are you most worried about in this area of soil toxicity?
Would you be interested in a community health assessment, connecting your health to the soil, and ground water?
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In most instances of toxic soil, the conventional solution has been to “Dig and Haul” dig up the toxic soil and haul it to another place where it becomes someone else’s problem. At the Resilience Hub we have capped the soil with mulch to protect neighbors in the short term and we plan to employ bioremediation techniques to see if we can’t clean the soil in place over time. There are new untested, potentially more cost effective approaches that involve working with compost, mushrooms and plants. Are you interested in learning more about this and potentially participating in some events or classes around these techniques?
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Currently we have two very well trusted and long time Neighbors who live in homes on wheels in the immediate vicinity. They rely on the space for a clean place to use the bathroom and to charge their electronics. As long time residents we are well aware of the complexity of the housing crisis and specifically how it can affect neighborhoods like Prescott where encampments are more prolific. Please weigh in on how we might best walk the line of supporting housing precarious folks and be a part of their journey to stability while at the same time not exposing the Hub or the Neighbors with the risks and dangers that can come with that support?
Anything we missed?
Ok to periodically contact you with future events and news related to the Prescott Resilience Hub?
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