Minefox EU I Pardon Application I 2019
Want to get Unbanned on the Lunar Network? Do you feel you have been Unfairly Punished? If so, do this Application.
[Agreement 1] *
I understand that If I want response to this application, I will give my real Discord account name and tag.
[Agreement 2] *
I agree that I will not share this Application with anyone, and I will not copy other Unsuspend Applications.
Your Discord Username: *
Include the tag after your name, for example #6110. We will use this to respond to your Application.
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Minecraft Username: *
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Where were you Punished ? *
Why were you Punished ? *
Tell us all the details.
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What was your Punishment? *
Do you have proof that you did not Break any Rules? *
If so, give us links. They can either be a video or multiple images or gifs. Please only use these Services, otherwise we will not click the link: Youtube, Gyazo, Imgur, Vimeo, Discord
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Have you been punished on other servers before ? *
How many times have you been punished on Lunar before ? *
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Why should we Unsuspend you ? *
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