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Please complete the questions below. There are no "right" answers--instead, these questions are designed to help us get a sense for your thinking and approach to common challenges that face classroom teachers, and make for more fruitful discussion during the interview.
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You are in your first week of teaching, and have given the direction that students should raise their hands silently and wait to be called upon before answering a question, and that if a student does not meet your expectations, they will be assigned a consequence from a pre-determined consequence ladder. During your class, you ask a question and a student calls out the answer without raising his/her hand. The student answered the question correctly and did not intend to disrupt. Which of the following best captures what your response would be in that moment? *
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This scenario is hypothetical. It is the second week of the 2019-2020 school year. We have a consequence ladder in place for classroom management as well as a paycheck system of incentives and rewards. We have noticed that, on average, approximately 20-25% of our 7th grade student population is in lunchtime reflection each day (20 or so students of our 80-90 total). Anecdotally, some students express frustration with the consequence system, arguing that if so many students are in lunchtime reflection, the system clearly isn't working. Should we consider changing the system? Explain your thinking and any other steps/information needed. (250 words max) *
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Before we extend you an offer, we will check multiple professional references. What feedback, both positive and constructive, will we get from your supervisors and peers? (200 words max) *
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