Colorado Anime Fest Press Application
Colorado Anime Fest (COAF) is pleased to welcome professional and amateur press to cover our second-annual event in Denver, Colorado! We strive to attract a wide variety of outlets at various levels to receive the best coverage for our event. To facilitate this, we feature tiered press qualifications.
Interested in covering COAF? Here's what you need to know.
We offer three different kinds of press passes:

1. Emerging Press
There is a limit of two badges per organization for Emerging Press.

2. Standard Press
Standard Press organizations are generally granted up to four Passes per team, but larger teams may be accepted.

3. Photographer/Photojournalist Press
(part of the Emerging Press level)

For more details on the different tiers of press, see the press policy: <>

Press Qualifications

Based on the tiers listed above, please review the list below to determine whether or not your organization meets our minimum qualifications. Meeting these qualifications does not guarantee a Pass. If you do not meet these requirements, please don’t hesitate to apply for Emerging Press! We will review every applicant, and use these as guidelines in our review process:

- Traditional Press
The publication needs to have been in publication on or before Jan. 1, 2017. The publication must be published at least quarterly. Upon application, at least four publications must have been made. Please send us examples of your publication along with your business card and a letter of introduction on company letterhead.

- Media and Freelance Press
If you are a freelance writer/journalist/photographer, please send us copies of your work along with your business card and a letter of introduction on company letterhead. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

- Broadcast Media
If you are a broadcast journalist or photographer, please include a letter from a producer/editor on company letterhead stating that you are covering Colorado Anime Fest on assignment. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

- Documentaries
If you are filming for a documentary, submit any clips that you may have completed, a list of completed projects and a letter of introduction on company letterhead stating the purpose of the documentary. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

- Webzine/Video Blogs/Other Blogs/Podcasts
To cover COAF in this capacity, your website or channel needs to have been live prior to Jan. 1, 2017. Preference will be given to those that are updated weekly and are focused on news, local events, and/or at least one of the following: Asian culture (Reviews, critiques or discussions.) Asian entertainment (Asian cinema, music or movies.)

- Photography/Photojournalism
As noted above, all Photography or Photojournalists will be considered Emerging Press. To qualify for a Press Pass, you must submit examples of your work. This can be a link to a Dropbox or a Photobucket (etc), but preference will be given to those with a social media presence or a professional website. Please note: if you are accepted as Press, you may not charge for photo sessions unless you have also purchased a credentialed photographer ribbon. For more information, take a look at our policies surrounding photographers:

Equipment requirements:

1. A site hosted on a domain for your photos.
Personal Facebook profiles don't count. Facebook Pages, Flickr or other similar storage sites are fine.

2. Professional equipment.
Point-and-shoot and/or disposable camera owners need not apply.

- Other
If your press type is not listed here but you still think you’d work well with our event, don't hesitate to apply. There will be a space for your outlet to explain what your medium is, as well as show examples of your work. To qualify, we require you to be an active outlet for at least a year and a half at the time of applying. You must have at least six robust examples of your work to be considered as a Press not listed above. (Less may be accepted in special cases.) Applicants in this category may be required to apply as Emerging Press while we assess your first year covering our event.

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