Dancing the Land Farm Working CSA Member Application
We have a limited number of Working CSA positions available. This is an excellent opportunity for folks to get their hands dirty and learn a ton about how to grow food, while economically eating some of the best food available in our community! While we are very much open to anyone applying, and are excited to work with all sorts of different members of our community this season, if more folks apply than we have positions, we're likely to preference members of the GLBTQ+ communities, people of color, and people who would otherwise not have access to high quality food for themselves and their household. All are welcome to apply. At this time, we primarily speak English, and a little Spanish and Ojibwe.

The breakdown:
-For a Bushel CSA Share: 4 hours of work per week for the duration of the CSA, 16 weeks.
-For a Basket CSA Share: 3 hours of work per week for the duration of the CSA 16 weeks.
-There are also options to take advantage of our Add-ons (eggs, bread, meat) by adding in some extra hours.

-Working CSA Members must arrive on time, ready to go at the time you're scheduled for.
-Members must be willing workers with good attitudes and high energy.
-Members must be able to take direction and listen well.
-Ideally, we're looking for people excited to learn about the food system, animals, and organics. We want to deepen our ties to our community and we're hoping to make some new friends, and deepen existing relationships along the way!
-Members must be able to perform physical labor: getting up and down from the ground, kneeling, lifting 50 lbs., etc.
-Must be able to commit to a weekly schedule and be on time.
-We expect members to communicate if they're sick or unable to show up for their shift, and reschedule the missed time.
-Must be willing to work outside, rain or shine, in a diverse array of weathers.
-Farm experience is not required. Training will be provided.

*We are willing to work with families and kids! We have a kid, she's with us all the time, we get it. But we also need parents to keep in mind that we are relying on their efforts to fulfill the terms of our trade, if your children are distracting to our work, disrespectful to our animals, or prevent you from being able to fulfill your trade, we ask that they not come. However, we anticipate most kids will be a delight and really enjoy being on the farm, and maybe will even be helpful!

*Households/families with more than one person excited to work on the farm--talk to us. For consistency we prefer one person fulfill the hours so that we don't have to spend the time to train two or more folks, but, we'll make our decision on a case by case basis.

*Dogs are NOT allowed.
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Do you have any farm experience? I'm gonna say patio gardens and houseplants count in this case. *
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Please describe your general attitude and ethos. Are you stoked all the time? Do you take half-hour-long bathroom breaks trying to avoid the task at hand? Are you the quiet, intense type--taking it all in and not saying a peep? Do you get bored easily? A seeker trying to find meaning of it all? Do you roll your eyes all authority figures and refuse to cooperate? Are you a camp councilor type, always thinking of ice-breakers and group sing alongs? Do tell! *
How do you take feedback and constructive criticism? Does it crush you? Inspire you? Make you burn with seething rage? *
How would your co-workers or colleagues describe what it's like to work with you? Be honest now. . . Or let them answer. . . *
Do you play well with others? Are you able to work on a team, toward a team goal, collaborating with and relying on your team members? *
Han Solo? Can you work alone? Can you motivate yourself? Can you keep a good pace and keep on task without someone needing to remind you what you were doing?
Shifts will be three or four hours depending on the size of your CSA share. What days and time slots would you be available to fulfill those hours. We would preference one chunk of time instead of breaking it up, and we would also prefer to have your shifts be regularly occurring (ex: every Thursday morning) (Though, please do talk to us if you have concerns or special requirements.) Please check all possibilities below. *
Are you one of those folks who has more than one person who wants to work for your CSA share? Or 13 kids that you want to bring along? Or you'd love to participate but can only work on the thirteenth Saturday in April? Please describe your situation below and we'll see what we can do.
Once we get to know each other, and we decide you're not an axe murderer or a sociopath, would providing in-field childcare for our most amazing 2-year-old as your farm-hours be something that excites you? *
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us or let us know about you, your situation, your love of food and cooking, or anything else at all?
Please select your preferred CSA pick-up location. *
Are you interested in a Bushel or a Basket-sized share? *
Are you interested in any extras added on to your veggies each week? Eggs? Bread? Meat?
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