Gospel of Christ Ministries Internet Fellowship (GCMIF) Registration Form

In a new phase of our Mandate, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ has given us the instruction to organize those who consistently watch our Gospel of Christ Ministries services via Internet into an integral part of this Family!
Whether you are a member who has traveled out of Cameron, one who cannot be physically present or simply live in another country without access to a local church that administers the revelation of the Mystery of Christ, GCMIF is for you!

1. What is Gospel of Christ Ministries Internet Fellowship?

As you join our Internet Fellowship you are committing yourself to watch our services. As you fill the form you are considered a full fledged member of our Family.

2. What are the benefits?

By joining GCMIF you are identifying with the Mandate. You will be coming under the grace and uncreated energies of the ministry.

3. What is the Difference between a Local member and a being an Internet Fellowship member?

The difference is simply the distance that prevents you from being physically present at one of our GCM branches.

4. Why Now?
Ever since we installed the Live services we noticed that many of our viewers are not identified with a church. We believe that God has called us to Pastor them by means of current technology.

5. OTHER Benefits:
GCMIF membership registration is strategic as the Sent one intends to visit many regions of the world. He may be visiting your region next!
The Apostolic Overseers will also hold special webinars for our online congregation.

6. WHAT are the financial commitments?
As a member of GCMIF you are required to fulfill the practice of Christian Stewardship for the advancement of the Gospel as you purpose in your heart.
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