Save Carss Park Pool & Gym
Thank you for your interest in saving Carss Park Pool and Gym from demolition by Georges River Council. This well-loved facility is also known as the Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool and Gym because of its dedication to our Australian defence service heroes and its heritage in producing many Olympic and high-profile sporting heroes. We would like the pool to remain for future generations of swimmers, whether they be learners, recreational swimmers, athletes or Olympians.

We would appreciate any information you have to offer about your use of Carss Park Pool and its facilities, and how you may be able to assist the campaign to save them. Apart from the basic contact information, all questions are optional.

You are welcome to fill out the form below on behalf of your children too if you wish.

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You can upload files and photos that are related to Carss Park Pool and Gym if you wish.

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The Carss Park Pool Swim and Gym Team

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Please note that this and all of the following un-asterisked questions are entirely OPTIONAL. Any answers that you choose to provide will help us to understand the ways that people use the pool, and assist us to organise our Save Carss Park Pool efforts.
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This will help us to understand the distance that some people may travel to use the pool, and also gain insight into other councils' pool maintenance.
If you live outside the Georges River Council area, what pool(s) do you have in your area, what is your experience of using them, and how well are they maintained by your council?
What is your involvement with Carss Park Pool and Gym?
How have you used the pool and facilities in the past or presently? What is your interest in Carss Park Pool? You can choose more than one option. Have you attended school swimming carnivals at Carss Park Pool, or did you learn to swim there? Have you, or are you part of a swimming club or squad?
What is your age range?
Do you currently regularly use the pool or gym, or have you used them in the past?
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How often do you currently visit and use Carss Park Pool and Gym?
Each time you visit, how long, on average, do you stay there?
Please feel free to expand further on your involvement with Carss Park Pool and Gym:
Your Thoughts on Carss Park Pool and Gym
What are your favourite memories of Carss Park Pool and Gym?
What should happen to Carss Park Pool and Gym ?
Do you think the Carss Park pool and gym facilities should remain as they are, be refurbished, redesigned, relocated or demolished ?
Where should the pool and gym be located ?
Do you think Carss Park pool and gym should stay where it is, or would it be acceptable for the pool to be moved to another location?
What features do you think must be retained or included if the Carss Park Pool and Gym were redesigned ?
Do you have any other comments about what features should be included, or where they should be located?
Why do you think Carss Park Pool and Gym should be saved?
What thoughts do you have about the best ways to save Carss Park Pool and Gym, and ensure the campaign is successful?
Volunteer to Save Carss Park Pool and Gym
How are you able to help with our campaign?
You are welcome to UPLOAD any files related to the Save Carss Park Pool and Gym campaign that you wish to share
We would be very interested in seeing any historical photos of Carss Park Pool and the surrounding area if you have them. The maximum number of files you can upload here is 10, and the maximum individual file size is 10MB, up to a total of 1GB. If you have a large number of files (eg photos) to send us, please consider using or to do this.
Do you have any other comments?
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to joining with you and others to Save Carss Park Pool and Gym!
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