Preservation, Not Pipelines
Want to help? Sign up here to pledge just 1 penny for each mile we walk. If we go all the way to Springer Mountain, GA (2189 miles), that will total $21.89. All funds raised will go directly to support the work of Beyond Extreme Energy (the group, not the hiker!).

Fill out the info below. Then when the hike is over, you'll get an exuberant email from us instructing you how to actually make your donation. Pledge now, pay later. Easy!

(If you'd prefer to donate something now and just be done with it, you can visit to make your donation online. But if you do, please, please, please drop me a line at to let me know for my records. And thanks!)

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The default is a penny per mile (max of $21.89), but if you'd prefer to pledge a different amount, you may enter that number here. (Most folks will just leave this one blank.)
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Check and recheck your spelling. A slip up means we may never be able to get in touch with you. (Also want to mention that your email will not be used for any purpose other than to contact you at the end of our hike. That includes use even by BXE. We will not keep or use your email for anything else. Solemn promise.)
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