Apply to cash in on the Bounty Board 🤑
Flex your public speaking muscles, share your skills, and build your personal brand as an expert in your craft!

We Build Black is piloting a new virtual education program--for the community, by the community--called The Bounty Board. Apply to "cash in" on one of the technical topics crowdsourced from the WBB community by submitting a workshop proposal.

Proposals for the pilot topics are open through August 16th. You can continue to edit your submission to add the links to workshop materials when they're ready. Our team will evaluate all submissions and select one facilitator for each topic proposed. For submissions we feel need more iteration to be cash-in ready, we'll provide feedback on your materials either with comments (if shared in a Google Drive format) or through email.

We'll connect with selected facilitators to schedule the workshop, go over logistics (Zoom/YouTube Live), and gather assets for promoting your workshop (like headshots and social media handles).

If you have any questions, please reach out to Adam at
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Here's the initial list of the highest demand topics crowdsourced from the community. The initial pilot is geared toward developers, but our community is full of technologists across UX and Data as well. If you don't see a topic relevant to your craft, please continue with your proposal by adding your topic of choice under "other".
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If there is a repository, text editor, or other download needed to participate, please specify instructions here.
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Please provide links to decks, repos, docs, etc for review. If in a Google Drive format (Docs, Presentation), we'll give feedback through comments if given comment access, otherwise we'll provide any feedback through email.
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