YWCA Supplemental Grocery Program
The YWCA is opening an online program designed to help families with their groceries while we continue to navigate this pandemic situation. Please use this form to pick out your groceries and pick up time. Please call when you arrive and we will bring out your groceries as soon as possible (If no one is available to carry it out we may request for you to come in and get your box). If you are requesting perishable items please allow us time to grab your fresh items from the coolers.

Please note that-

* We will need a full 24 hours notice to be able to get your orders ready.

* We will not be able call to confirm. Your date is fixed once you submit. If you have any questions or need to cancel or reschedule please call 207-795-4050.

* If you do not show up for your pick up we will call when we have time. If the order is still here 24 hours after we call we will return it to the shelves and it will become available to be used for other orders.
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There may be times when what you ordered has run out before we had a chance to update the order form. Please forgive us and accept our best substitutions.
Name (You may keep anonymity but we need to identify your groceries and ensure you get the right box) Use an alias if needed. *
Pick up date. Monday through Friday only. *
Pick up Time: *
How many members of your household. This will help us determine how much of each selected item you will receive. *
Please include a phone number that we may contact if anything has changed with your order pick up time or if your box was not picked up we want to make sure you can reschedule.
Please Check off the items you want.
Allergies or Dietary Restrictions. Please be clear and give us ideas for alternatives. We can do our best to accommodate your needs.
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