AHDB pest monitoring services survey
Your views on AHDB’s pest monitoring services will help us provide the best possible range of services over the next five years. Please submit your responses by 30 November 2018.
1. What is your primary role? (select one option)
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2. Which crops do you grow or advise on?
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Other crops, including *other field vegetables (please specify)
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3. In which county or counties are you based?
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4. Do you use any of the following AHDB pest monitoring services?
4a. AHDB Aphid News *
4b AHDB Horticulture Pest Bulletin *
4c AHDB Potatoes Aphid Monitoring (yellow water traps) *
5. How do these AHDB pest monitoring services support your decision-making?
Tick all those that apply
5a. AHDB Aphid News *
5b. AHDB Horticulture Pest Bulletin *
5c. AHDB Potatoes Aphid Monitoring (yellow water traps) *
5d. Other support (please specify the service and the support it provides)
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6. How useful are each of the following AHDB pest monitoring services?
6a. AHDB Aphid News *
6b. AHDB Horticulture Pest Bulletin *
6c. AHDB Potatoes Aphid Monitoring (yellow water traps) *
7. If you use the Pest Bulletin, please score how important it is to include information on each of the following targets (use a 1 to 10 scale, where 10 is the most important):
7. *
Bean seed fly
Brassica flea beetles
Brassica pollen beetles
Cabbage root fly
Carrot fly
Cutworm (turnip moth)
Silver Y moth
Diamondback moth
Brassica caterpillars (other)
Large narcissus fly
Lettuce aphids
Brassica aphids
Black bean aphid
Willow–carrot aphid
Pest blog (please use the same 1 to 10 scale)
8. How useful is the annual AHDB wheat bulb fly survey?
8. *
9. How could AHDB pest monitoring services be improved? (Please state which service you are referring to).
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10. Do you use any other pest monitoring services? (If ‘yes’, please state the name of the service and its provider).
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11. Would you like to see AHDB provide pest monitoring services for any other pest targets? (If ‘yes’, please provide details).
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12. Would you be willing for AHDB to contact you about your responses to this survey?
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If you answered ‘yes’, please provide your name and email or phone number
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