Iowa AEA System Media Release for Audio, Video, and Photographs (Student) - GPAEA
This release form gives Iowa’s Area Education Agencies permission to record audio and video and take photographs of the student named below.

The recordings and photographs may be used by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies as part of public presentations, programs, PR efforts, publications (whether print or online), social media posts, and other activities such as teacher training and professional development. In addition, the recording and photographs may be used to monitoring student progress and teacher evaluation.

I agree that Iowa’s Area Education Agencies and its staff may record and photograph my child and use the recordings and photographs: (1) in whole or in part, (2) in composite form, or (3) with a real or fictitious name for any lawful purpose associated with activities of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies.

I agree that I will not have the right to review any finished products and that I will not be compensated for any use. I will not hold Iowa’s Area Education Agencies or its staff liable for any distortion, illusion, or alteration whether intentional or otherwise. There are no restrictions Iowa’s Area Education Agencies’ use of the recording or photographs.

My permission is given freely in consideration of the general educational value it may represent to Iowa’s Area Education Agencies.
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