REACH Events Scheduling
Please note that events ARE NOT FINALIZED until Sarah Stardust approves them, and places them on the main calendar.

Please read the REACH Code of Conduct before continuing:

If you are not a REACH Host (or Steward) and have not hosted an event at REACH before, you'll need to get a current Host to agree to co-host your first event. See current Hosts and Stewards here:
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If you are not a host or steward, ask one ( and make sure they've already consented to co-host before filling this out!

If you are a Host/Steward, put your own name here!
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Pre and Post Event Responsibilities
Please read the event set-up and tear-down checklists!

These are also printed and available in the space.
Do you agree to go through the checklist upon arrival and departure, and take responsibility for leaving the space as clean when your event ends as it was when your event started? *
The name and description will go into a private calendar event, which will be copied over to a public calendar if the event is approved.
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Are there other things we should know about your event? (this will not go on the calendar/fb event)
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To maximize likelihood of approval, please try to avoid conflicts with the pre-existing REACH events on the Berkeley REACH calendar:
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