2019-20 Low Incidence Team Feedback
Which service area are you providing feedback for:
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What is your main role in supporting the child/youth:
Which school division is the child/youth registered with:
I have a clear understanding of what to expect from the Low Incidence Team members:
After the referral was submitted, we waited for the first face-to-face appointment for:
The time we waited for the first appointment was acceptable:
Following the first visit, we received service in a reasonably timely manner
In between face-to-face visits, email and phone messages communication by Low Incidence Team members is timely and responsive:
During the past 2 months, the needs that we raised with the Low Incidence Team member were addressed:
Comments about service, response time, areas for improvement you wish to provide for the Low Incidence Team:
What level of impact do you expect the strategies shared by the Low Incidence Team to have for your child/youth:
Huge impact
Moderate impact
Mild impact
No change
Short-term (next few days)
Mid-term (within the next couple of months)
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What do you want to learn more about? (select all that apply)
What do you see moving forward as future goals, needs, areas you would like support from the Low Incidence Team members?
Any other comments you wish to share regarding service delivery:
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