Submissions to USI Constitution Review
USI has been tasked by its Congress of undertaking an internal constitutional review. A working group consisting of the USI President & Deputy President and SU sabbatical officers has been convened in order to consider proposals for reform. You can use this form to submit recommendations, which the working group will consider when it meets in February. The working group will then submit any proposals to be voted on at USI Congress.

The constitution sets out the framework within which USI operates. It provides for our democracy, our officers, and our core functions. You can view a current copy of the USI constitution at and the policy manual at

You may submit multiple proposals.

The constitution is the ultimate arbiter of the parameters of USI's work. The policy manual, on the other hand, is a collection of instructions given by Congress. These instructions expire if not renewed. This review concerns the constitution and not policy. For example, instructions to officer board, campaign and training ideas, member engagement issues, equality issues, welfare issues and academic affairs issues are matters of policy rather than of the constitution.

If you have any questions you can contact USI at A set of questions that you might consider is available here:

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Do you have any experience in engaging with USI of which you would like to make us aware? If so, please outline.
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