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Dan Ringwald will be running these Online Meetings.
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You don't have to fill out all of the forms below. Just fill out the ones you are most interested in. If only a few people show up at any particular online meeting we can tailor it more to your own personal needs.
Meetings - Online
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SBREIA - Meetings
Meetings at - What informationf would you like online? What in person information would you like at our Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort meetings. Who would you like to speak, what topics covered, what days and times work best, would you like to speak or get a vendor table, anything else you can think of.
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NHB LLC - Rent Ready and Turnkey Properties
Online Meetings at - Get a high return on your money and we do all the work. What would you like us to add?
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PPP - Personal Development
Online Meetings at - We cover goals and more, what would you like to have us add, best dates and times?
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PPP - Green Energy Consultants
Online Meetings at - We show you how to generate income and go from Volunteer to Career. What would you like us to add?
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SBCS - Santa Barbara Computing Services
Online Meetings at - what information would you like us to offer on these meetings.
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