Social R&D SI Canada Call for case studies
SI Canada wants to share how Canadian organizations are using these practices and approaches to advance their own work: improving their programs, outcomes and the lives of their communities. We are offering five grants of $5,000 to help you tell your story and share your learnings: successes, failures and insights in your efforts to advance your work through Social R&D. Case studies can be written, audio or video, in French and English.

Read more about this opportunity here:

We’re looking for case studies that are:
+ from across the country
+ from both urban and rural contexts
+ centering equity for BIPOC and marginalized peoples

++++ Deadline extended to March 31++++
Please fill out this form by March 31, 2020, 5pm, PST.
If you have any questions about this opportunity, please email
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Specifically, are you working to address the transition to a new economy, affordable housing crisis and/or Indigenous relations?
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