The Coming Out Monologues V. 2 Submission Form
OPIRG Brock is looking for 2SLGBTQQIA+ Writers, Visual Artists, Musicians, & Poets to be part of THE COMING OUT MONOLOGUES V.2! DEADLINE: Monday March 22, 2021 at 5pm.

A $50 honorarium will be provided to all selected pieces. All contributors (print and online) will receive a print copy of The Coming Out Monologues V. 2 (in small or large format). For payment, you will need to provide the name associated with you bank account. We apologize for anyone who is limited by this requirement.

All submissions will be considered, but are not guaranteed to make it into the project. Priority for selections will be given to submissions from people identified as Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Colour, as well as submissions that were sent in during our 2020 callout. Submissions can come from any location (so don't need to be Niagara based). The Coming Out Monologues falls under the OPIRG Brock Safer Space Policy (, and as such any submission that is in violation of this policy will not be included.

On the OPIRG Brock website, there will be a page devoted to The Coming Out Monologues, where all selected pieces will be featured, as well as a range of resources. In May 2021, OPIRG Brock will be hosting an online launch party, where we will be unveiling The Coming Out Monologues webpage and the zine version. Following this event, the zine will be available for purchase as a fundraiser for OPIRG Brock.

For The Coming Out Monologues V. 2, we are looking for all types of written pieces, visual arts, video, and audio. Written pieces cannot exceed a word length of 500 words (if you have a longer piece, please follow up to see if we can accommodate). Audio & video pieces cannot exceed a length of 10 minutes.

Submissions do not have to be a coming out story - though absolutely can be! We view "coming out'" in this project as a means of coming out and sharing all forms of experiences and creative expression!

All anonymous writing submissions can be made through this form (either with no credit or a pseudonym/ artist name). In addition to completing this form, if you are submitting an image or a type of visual art, music file (mp3 or mp4), or video file (.mov or .vlc), please email You can also submit written pieces, especially ones with specific design specifications, as an attachment on an email to

If you have any questions, please reach out to Fiona McKay at
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