Griggi explained in < 100 words
This document explains how Griggi works, what are factors to consider & if you like, steps to place order for your Griggi router.

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What Griggi does
Griggi gives you better control of your internet that you would be sharing with known/unknown people

1. Making people accountable for their own internet usage
2. Prioritize more important traffic (browsing, ssh, vpn, voip) over less important one (download, youtube, torrents)
3. Provision of load balance & failover so that you can put multiple internet lines & get 100% internet connectivity.

How it works
You need to setup Griggi router at your location. You can either replace your main router with Griggi router, or connect Griggi router after you main router & disable WiFi on the main router, so that everybody connects to Griggi WiFi.

On first connection, a device gets a login screen (like how you see on Airports). User enters his phone number, gets OTP & create his Griggi account. The device gets identified against the phone number. A user can use multiple devices by following the steps on each device.

The login happens only once on a device. So next time, the device comes into WiFi area, it automatically connects like a regular home/office WiFi.

You as WiFi admin, can give data quota to phone numbers whose owner can use internet till his quota expires at your location. Both you & the phone number owner get notification on his data expiry. You have Griggi dashboard located at where you can login with your own phone number & see who has used how much. Every user gets his own Griggi dashboard on which he can see how much of his data is left. A user can give some of his data to a fellow user through dashboard.

Griggi router cost
Griggi is put on top of an Openwrt router. We have selected & tested Griggi on some of the routers. You need to bear the router cost through one time payment

TP Link 840n for < 10 people - Rs 1.5k
TP Link 1043nd < 50 people - Rs 5k
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite < 100 people - Rs 10k
Ubiquiti EdgeMax Pro > 100 people - Rs 35k

Number of people is the maximum number of people connected to internet at a time. For eg, if you have batches of 10 people at a time in your office, the maximum number of people is 10 only & not 10 * number of batches.

For cafe/hotel/co-working folks, you could estimate this number as the maximum occupancy your establishment has during peak time. For corporate owners, it is the number of employees you have.

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Griggi setup cost
If you are techie, you could setup Griggi router yourself. It would need plugging the internet line to Griggi router & few configuration on router dashboard. The detailed steps will be shared with you later.

If you need someone from Griggi to set it up for you, there is a cost of
Rs 1k if number of people < 10
Rs 3k for < 50 people
Rs 5k for < 100 people
Rs 10k for > 100 people

* Setup charges are non-refundable if you choose not to pursue Griggi after free demo period.

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Griggi monthly cost
First month of Griggi usage is free provided you qualify for the free demo period.

Post first month, you could choose a slab . Griggi slab are divided based on maximum data you could allocate to a user. Usually cafes or hotels dont need to give more than 5 GB of data. Corporates users typically dont need > 20 GB . We have an enterprise slab too where maximum 30 GB of data could be allocated.

We limit the data for everyone, including the owner. The logic behind this is, even if one people keeps hogging bandwidth all the time, it would affect others & that tarnish the name of our product.

Griggi slab price (subject to change) :-
Cafe (max 5 GB data per user ) - Rs 1k per month
Coworking/office slab (max 20 GB per user) - Rs 2k per month
Enterprise ( max 30 GB per user) - Rs 3k per month
Startup/Freemium/Bachelors sharing apartment - Rs 0 if number of users is less than 10.

* If you have a one month free demo, you could always select after the demo. You are put on enterprise slab during the free demo.

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