Matthew 25 Movement Pledge: "I pledge to protect and defend the vulnerable in the name of Jesus."
What is the Matthew 25 Movement Pledge? A gathering in November 2016 of Christian organizers from around the nation came up with this pledge as a way to connect and support Christians seeking to respond to the plight of immigrants and other vulnerable people at this historic moment. We are asking churches, ministries, organizations and institutions to:

Pray for people who will be vulnerable to being harmed if the new federal administration carries out all of its promises and threats.

Provide opportunities for education and dialogue about the potential harm to vulnerable people.

Place the pledge on your websites to offer your community a chance to pledge as an act of conscience and public witness. You keep their signatures in your own database.

Offer resources and opportunities for effective methods for protection and advocacy.

Collect, film, and publicize stories of vulnerable people hurt by these policies (protecting their identities, of course, per their desires).

Let us know what you are doing to promote the pledge, to protect and to advocate. (Please post updates in the Matthew 25 Movement forum:

Individuals are welcome to sign the pledge on this website or to go to any of the websites of the organizations who have shared information about their participation.
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