Learning Research Institute Application for Research Assistant
The CSUSB Learning Research Institute (www.lri.csusb.edu) is currently accepting applications from undergraduate students for a role as a Research Assistant. The CSUSB Learning Research Institute (LRI) promotes an interdisciplinary scholarly focus on the student learning experience and how it may be improved. The Institute supports this focus by sponsoring and conducting research activities that examine the cognitive, neurobiological, and environmental variables that contribute to the academic success of our diverse student body. The LRI is co-directed by Dr. Jason Reimer and Dr. Hideya Koshino.

Research Assistant Job Description:
Research Assistants in the lab are involved in various aspects of experiments, including recruiting and posting for subjects, testing human subjects on computer-controlled cognitive and perceptual assessments. This includes administering paperwork, setting-up the computer programs, explaining instructions, supervising subjects during the experiment itself, and administering feedback, using iPads for assessments and experiments, doing some preliminary analyses and data entry, attending regular weekly lab meetings, and helping out with a variety of miscellaneous tasks as they arise, and in some cases designing and running their own experiments. The minimum time commitment is 5 hours/week with opportunities for students who can commit more time than this.

Please note that you do not have to be a psychology major to apply for a research assistant position at the LRI. We welcome CSUSB student applications from all majors.

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining our team. We will contact you in the near future if you appear to possess the qualities that we are looking for. Thanks!

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PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 210: Psychological Statistics
PSYC 311: Introduction to Experimental Psychology
*Please note that the courses listed above are not prerequisites for serving as a research assistant at the LRI.
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