Toronto Programming Blockchain Scholarship Application
Should you be selected, you will be given a free admission (value: $4000 USD) to the Programming Blockchain Seminar on May 28-29, 2018 in Toronto. You will still be responsible for travel to and from the venue.
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PLEASE TRY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO BE CONSIDERED. You have a Trezor seed that's 24 words. Unfortunately, due to a screwup, 3 of the words are missing. Thankfully, you know what the words are, just not which position they go in. The words can occur before, between or after any of the other 21 words which you know to be in the right order. Given a function that can check if the seed is correct, write a program that will find the correct seed. (Ideal answer is actual code in Python.) *
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