BETA Signup for Cloud Foundry Developer Certification
The Cloud Foundry Foundation is seeking 30 individuals from the community to BETA test the CF Developer Certification exam. The application period will close on March 10th.

The certification requires practical hands-on skills in the following areas:
- CF Basics
- Troubleshooting Applications and CF Configurations
- Application Security
- Working with Services
- Application Management
- Cloud Native Architectural Principles
- Container Management within CF

Additionally, candidates should be comfortable modifying simple Java, Node.js or Ruby applications.

The BETA period will begin on March 20th and close on March 31st. Candidates will be asked to use the system to schedule a 4 hour exam window during the two weeks of BETA testing.

The BETA test candidate exam results will be used by the exam authoring committee to establish a passing score for the exam. Those candidates participating in the BETA testing process that receive a score equal to or higher than the final passing score will be the first Certified Cloud Foundry Developers of the program.

For those applicants that have signed up before March 10th, but are not accepted into the BETA program, we will be offering a significantly reduced price for the certification exam during our early access period beginning in early May. Any candidates that pass the certification exam either during the BETA or early access periods will be given a "Cloud Foundry Certified Developer" sweatshirt.

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