Women of Lost Pregnancy Survey
This survey is part of a yearlong project of crystal dawn herbs, LLC and myself, Crystal Merrell, to gain better understanding in how to best serve women who have experienced a loss of pregnancy.  I understand that it affects each woman differently, and that each woman has different needs in the moments, days, months, or years following.

My reason for this project is to gather a list of knowledge, resources, and tools that could be available to women who would like them.  Examples of what I anticipate documenting include standard practices of hospitals, doctors, and midwives and how they serve or dis-serve the woman; herbs for physical, mental, and emotional support; community resources including support groups or therapists; useful tools for coping and communication as needed.  

I do not hold judgement for or against any woman on how she feels about her loss of pregnancy.  This is a complex situation that cannot be defined and regulated with 'shoulds' and 'should nots'.  Please be honest about your perception and needs surrounding your loss.  There is not a wrong or right answer.  Some women need no support and some women need support even 40 years after the loss.  Both women are right if they are truly being themselves.

I greatly appreciate your sharing a bit of your perspective with me.  If you would like to have a conversation further explaining your experience, please check the box at the end of the survey.  
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Have you experienced a loss of pregnancy? *
Have you experienced more than one loss of pregnancy?
If you have experienced multiple loss of pregnancies, please answer the questions that follow however it feels comfortable to you.  You may choose to submit more than one survey; you may choose to pick one of the losses to describe; or you may think of all losses when answering.  Please do what feels comfortable to you.
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During which trimester was your loss of pregnancy?
Check the trimester when you experienced loss of pregnancy.  1st (0-3 months, 0-13 weeks); 2nd (4-6 months, 14-26 weeks); 3rd (7-9 months, 27-40 weeks)
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When was your pregnancy loss? *
What method did you use to determine your pregnancy?
Please check only one.
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What type loss of pregnancy did you have? *
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