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If You Have Lungs, You Can Get Lung Cancer

Saturday, September 30, 2023
St. Stephen Church
HEAL Collaborative

Thank you for participating in today’s program and taking the time to complete the survey.

Black communities remain disproportionately affected by chronic illnesses. HEAL Collaborative’s mission is focused on growing healthy, vital communities of color.  We do this through education, community engagement, and advocacy. Our mission would not be possible without your active participation and providing essential feedback.

The information collected will be reviewed and considered as we strive to continue to put on quality programs.

We'll see you on October 7, 2023!

Disclaimer: This information is solely used to measure the programs' impact and will not be used or distributed for any other purpose.
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What is the 5-year lung cancer survival rate among Black Americans in the state of Kentucky in 2022?
What percentage of Black Americans in the state of Kentucky were diagnosed with early stage lung cancer?
What percentage of Black Americans in the state of Kentucky did not receive any treatment for lung cancer?
Would you be interested in joining a lung cancer small group?
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