ICCS & SYNS Pre-Conference Event
During the afternoon on the day before the ICCS '18 begins, there will be an event for PhD students and other young researchers to meet one another, exchange research ideas, and learn about a variety of research methods in Complex Systems. The goal would be to offer a relaxing yet stimulating afternoon activity, especially for students who will be flying into Boston before the conference and are looking for a place to go. This event will take place at the New England Complex Systems Institute in Boston, with introductions starting at 3:30pm on Saturday, July 21st.
"My Favorite Line of Code"
Part lightning-talks, part methods training, "My Favorite Line of Code" is meant to introduce one our fellow students to the core methods and code behind our work. In talks that last about 3 minutes, event participants will share a line (or several lines, a function, etc.) of code that is integral to what they do, which is a way for their fellow students to learn about new research topics as well as new interesting methods they can use in their own work. At the end of the event, each student will be given access to all the code that was shared. Presenting is optional, but we encourage as many presentations as time will permit. The goal of this event is to introduce ourselves to one another so that we will see friendly, familiar faces throughout the conference.
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