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How often do you attend Brooklyn Maqam Hang at Sisters?
Have you been to any of our other events? (Check all that apply)
How did you first hear about Brooklyn Maqam?
How do you hear about our events usually?
What would you most like to see more of from us in the upcoming year?
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At Brooklyn Maqam our priority is building up the community of musicians and music lovers. How do you think we succeed? What do you think we could do to increase our connection to the community and get more people engaged?
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How likely are you to tell friends about Brooklyn Maqam events or recommend them to others?
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Why is Brooklyn Maqam important to you? What are your favorite aspects of Brooklyn Maqam Hang?
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Would you consider making a donation to Brooklyn Maqam so that we can continue to serve the community and produce events?
If you could change or improve one thing about Brooklyn Maqam Hang, what would it be?
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Can Brooklyn Maqam count on your support in the upcoming year? In what ways would you be able to help (choose all that apply)
Do you sing or play an instrument?
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