BBQ Fundraiser Preorder Form for August 12
Our August fundraiser will be selling delicious **GRILLED MEATS** instead of desserts to raise money for the New Life Baptist Church Homeless Ministry our church is supporting. Below is a pre-order form to aid in preparation. If you don't pre-order nothing is guaranteed (except maybe hotdogs).

Here are the options that will be available:
-Korean short ribs (kalbi)
-Pork chop
-Shrimp Skewer

Each plate will come meat, sides and rice (hot dog has no rice). Additional meats can be added on for $3 each. Please bring exact change. The standard Sunday $2 lunch will include a hot dog and side.

Please list the number of combos you would like in each category below:

Name *
Your answer
Single Korean Short Rib (Kalbi) Combo $5
Double Korean Short Rib (Kalbi) Combo $8
Pork Chop Combo $5
Single Shrimp Skewer Combo (5 pieces) $5
Double Shrimp Skewer Combo (5 pieces) $8
Hot Dog Combo $2
I love our sunday chinese lunch (zha jian mian)
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