Sign-on to Support Reinstatement of Medi-Cal at UC Davis Med Center
Julie A. Freischlag, MD, Vice Chancellor of Human Health Services, Dean of the School of Medicine, UC Davis
Ann M. Rice, Chief Executive Officer, UC Davis Medical Center
David A. Acosta, MD, Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion, UC Davis Health System

Dear UC Davis Health System Leaders:

It has come to our attention that UC Davis Health System (UCDHS) no longer provides access to primary care for people on Medi-Cal. Given UCDHS’s role as a major healthcare provider in Sacramento County, we find this development to be very concerning.

We, the Building Healthy Communities project (BHC), are a coalition of over 40 community-based and community-serving organizations in Sacramento serving poor families in South Sacramento. A project of the California Endowment, the BHC coalition represents over 100,000 people.

Historically, UC Davis has been celebrated for its role as the safety net provider for the community, especially through your former role as the Sacramento County Medical Center. We understand changes to the County medical system have changed the hospital’s capacity to serve as the main point of care for low-income families, but Kaiser Permanente, Dignity, and Sutter health systems provide primary care for Geographic Managed Care Medi-Cal. This means that UC Davis, historically a beacon to poor families in one of the neediest areas of Sacramento, now stands out in its unwillingness to provide basic care for its neighbors.

We are aware that you continue to provide a considerable amount of emergency and inpatient care to many indigent patients, and we honor and acknowledge these important services. But this has a different meaning from providing primary care and serving as a medical home for poor people.

It is our understanding that since January 1, 2015, UC Davis Health System has not had a contract for Geographic Managed Care Medi-Cal (Primary Care) in Sacramento County. In other words, if poor people need to access healthcare at your hospital, they must go to your emergency department, which is the least effective and most expensive way for people to manage their health needs. As you know, the emergency department is a terrible substitute for primary care. It is wasteful for your hospital and your providers, and it is harmful to the families and communities we represent.

We know that your 2011-2016 Strategic Plan names “Person- and Family-Centered Care” and “Social Responsibility and Leadership” as its top two goals. We urge you to demonstrate your commitment to these goals by reconsidering your role as a Medi-Cal provider.

We hope we can meet with you to discuss these concerns and understand how your settlement with Sacramento County will impact your ability to provide care for the most needy in our community.


Sacramento Building Healthy Communities Health Access Action Team

Supporting Organizations
916 Ink
Alchemist CDC
Always Knocking, Inc.
Asian Resources, Inc.
Black Parallel School Board
Center for Community Health and Well-Being
Coalition for Health Equity (UC Davis Medical Center Resident Student Group)
Franklin Boulevard Business Association
Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation
Gender Health Center
Harm Reduction Services
Health Education Council
La Familia Counseling Center
Oak Park Sol
Organize Sacramento
People Reaching Out
Sacramento Area Congregations Together
Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center
Sacramento City Unified School District
Sacramento Housing Alliance
Soil Born Farms
Sol Collective
Southeast Asian Assistance Center
UAW 2865
UC-AFT Local 2023
Women’s Health Specialists
Yes2Kollege Educational Resources, Inc.
Yisrael Family Urban Farm

UCD SOM Medical Student Organizations
- Coalition for Health Equity (CHEq)
- Latino Medical Student Organization (LMSA)
- Middle-Eastern and South Asian Medical Student Association (MESA)
- Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
- Partners In Transforming Community Health (PITCH)
- Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
- Southeast Asians in Medicine (SEAM)
- Filipino Americans in Medicine (FAIM)

Students of UCD SOM Tailored Medical Education Tracks
- Transforming Education And Community Health for Medical Students (TEACH-MS)
- Accelerated Competency-based Education in Primary Care (ACE-PC)

140 UCD SOM Medical Students

4 Nurse Practitioner, MS-L, PhD Students

7 PA Students

Jacqueline Rodriguez, LCSW
Melissa Lichte MD (Resident)
Brian Gallay MD, PhD

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