Quilt Registration - St. Mary's Quilt Show - 2019
It is never too early to register your quilt! Space is limited so don't miss out. Quilts are accepted by application - first received, first in! Don’t miss out on the thrill of seeing your quilt in the show! PLEASE COMPLETE ONE REGISTRATION FORM PER QUILT (maximum entries per person: 2 church quilts and 2 pavilion quilts).
Welcome to St. Mary's Quilt Show 2019!
Show Dates: April 25, 26, 27, 2019
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We request 10% of the purchase price as a donation if your quilt is sold. Please price your quilt accordingly!
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We must have a picture of every quilt for identification purposes.
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In addition to the quilts displayed in the church, we will have a display of Christmas quilts in the Pavilion. Pavilion quilts will be outside, but well protected and under cover, so send a quilt that can be 'aired'. Please do not send any fragile quilts for the Pavilion.
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