Church Opening Survey
Once the leadership team at St. Mark’s determines we are at a point to reopen and hold in person worship services as safely as possible (following guidelines from the CDC, the Governor and Bishop Lee) we will do so. The limit of attendees would be 50 people including the Altar party, Music Director/musician (if on site) but significantly reduced by the seating guideline of 6 foot distancing. The guidelines will include the need to wear masks, and being seated by “hosts”. To be sure there will be no singing and no handling of prayer books or hymnals. In addition, it has not yet been determined how often there will be Communion; perhaps once a month, perhaps not until PHASE V and a vaccine has been successfully developed, made available and fully implemented. Given the need for the “social distancing” a return to our coffee hour is unlikely until PHASE V. Please know one way to the other we will continue to offer an “online service”.
Given these parameters we would like to carefully assess your ability and intent to join the “in-person” service and if not what alternative might you choose! Here are the possibilities, please select one from each section.
An alternate possibility is to continue the online worship service while offering “small group” gatherings for “worship”, “fellowship”, “bible study” and so forth. Social distancing and masking would still apply regardless of the “space” where the gatherings would be held. Please indicate your interest in the following:
Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.
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