2015 BM Global Leadership Conference Application
The 2015 BM Global Leadership Conference will run from April 9th-12. The actual conference dates are the 10th-12th with pre-conference gatherings on the 9th. We highly recommend that you are out there from the 9th to the 12th. If you would like to explore San Francisco at all, we also highly recommend that you arrive early or stay after the conference as you will not have much time to do anything but the conference from Thursday - Sunday.

The Burning Man Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is not a party. It's not like that thing out in the desert or like our regional event. The GLC is four days of intensive leadership training. You are in classes beginning at 8am that go until 6pm and then you are taken to see different happenings and Burner spaces around the area of the conference. (You are basically scheduled from 8am- midnight every day.) You get to meet lots of exciting people who are doing lots of exciting things but you are expected to buckle down and put your brain to work. By the end of the process you will feel full of amazing information and completely drained at the same time. Another important thing to remember is that the GLC is is put together almost completely by volunteers and is a *GIFT*! You conference fee covers only 1/3 of the cost of you being there! Although it is well organized, it is not going to be super corporate like other business conferences that you might have attended. That said, the GLC is an incredible opportunity to see what is happening with Burning Man on a global scale, to meet fascinating dynamic people who are leading their communities and to learn from them, and to find new inspiration and guidance to help you with your own projects and leadership skills. You will get to meet and talk to members of the Burning Man Org and will probably get to hear Larry Harvey talk. This is a learning experience that you just can't get anywhere else!

The Finances:
You can pretty much plan to spend $1000 on this trip! Burning Man charges a fee to attend the conference. It will probably be around $100 -$150 and you will need to be able to turn this in by the registration deadline. (The deadline should be around the beginning to middle of February.) You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the Conference (Tickets on Frontier are $200-$300 if you purchase them early on.) and you will need to pay for your own lodging and most of your own meals. (Hotel Rooms average around $150 a night and hostel rooms average around $35/night for a dorm style room w/other people or $100/night for a private room. You will want to plan to stay from Thursday - Sunday)

The Expectation:
We are asking that anyone picked to attend the GLC will sum up the knowledge that they gained at the conference and teach a workshop with the Acculturation Department at the Everywhere Pavillion at Apo this year.

GLC 2015 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50h0ADlVnP8

Helpful reading:





More Blogs about the GLC: http://burningman.org/?s=glc

BM GLC Website:
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