Sentient Meat Residency Application
Thank you for your interest in our residency program. While our spaces are very limited and openings infrequent, we are always taking applications and will reach out when openings occur.
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Are you willing to be proactive in helping enforce a Safer Space policy in your living space? *
At Sentient Meat, we believe in creating a space that is welcoming and supportive, promotes non-violence and consent, is respectful to all regardless of race, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, trans status, class, body type, able status, and does not tolerate oppression. For more information on our safer spaces policy, see:
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Residencies may have the option for renewal at the end of their term
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How can you contribute?
Everyone is required to help maintain a clean communal space. In additions to this things like building and grounds maintenance, building renovation projects, publications, p.r./social media outreach, and administrative assistance are some of the areas we always need help with. Please summarize your skills and experiences which you think could best aid us.
Are you interested in participating in or running events related to Sentient Meat?
If you are interested in running events, what sorts?
Why are you interested in a residency at Sentient Meat? *
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