Sign-up for Parent/Guardian Google Classroom Summaries
Google Classroom is the main communication tool between your Friedell student and his or her teachers. Directions, classwork, homework, quizzes, links to Google Meets, etc. are all posted to Google Classroom.

Parents can receive Google Classroom Summaries, a daily or weekly email of all of the posts that went out to your child. Parent/Guardian summaries also include a list of missing work, upcoming work, and class activity - assignments, announcements, directions, homework, etc.

If you would like to receive email summaries, parents/guardians need to do 2 things:

Step 1: Fill out this form ( with the email or emails you would like Google Classroom to send summaries to.

Step 2: Accept the email invitation within the week in order to accept Google Classroom Summaries. You need to click "Accept" within the invitation email in order to start receiving summaries. After you accept the invitation, you will then have the option to receive daily or weekly email updates.

Parents do not download the Google Classroom app. All communication will come through emails.
If you were receiving Google summaries last year and you were a Friedell parent/guardian, there is no need to sign up again for that child. You will need to fill out your info again if you have a new 6th grader, your child is new to Friedell, or if your email has changed.
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In the space below, write the parent/guardian email addresses you wish to receive invites for Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Summaries. Please double check that the addresses are correct! Be looking for an email with a couple days to accept the Google Classroom invitation! *
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