Do you need help with finances in your relationship?
* Do you and your partner fight over money? Maybe one of you is an overspender? Maybe you can't get on the same page about budget? Maybe one of you has loads of debt? Or maybe you just don't agree with how to spend the money you have?

* Do you find that money issues are affecting how you feel about each other?

* Could your relationship be better if these challenges were solved?

Ramit can help you!

Apply below to be considered for his podcast. 

He'll work with the two of you privately to give you specific advice on what to do next. You'll walk away with the tools to conquer the challenge and take one more step in building your Rich Life as a couple.
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What's the biggest challenge you are facing when it comes to love and money in your relationship? *
Why has this been a roadblock for you? (Please give a specific real life example: “we weren't unable to do X because of Y.”  For example, “we're unable to make big life decisions because she is so focused on saving every penny we earn, while I know that we can spend more money because we have over $100k saved up for this!") *
Is there one main issue that you’d like help on from Ramit? Is there a timeline associated with this that Ramit should be aware of? (For example: “We want to buy a house in March of 2021 but we can't find common ground on how much to spend.") *
How serious is this issue? *
Not serious
Extremely serious
Explain your previous answer. (OPTIONAL)
How deep of an impact is this issue having on your household dynamics? *
Not impacting
Deeply impacting
Explain your previous answer. (OPTIONAL)
How long has this been an issue? *
1 year or less
10 years or more
Explain your previous answer. (OPTIONAL)
How many years before life-altering negative results come to bear? *
1 year or less
10 years or more
Explain your previous answer. (OPTIONAL)
In your dream world, what would be your ideal outcome from this coaching? (For example, “we'd love to have easier conversations about big purchases we want to make and make them less stressful. Eventually we'd like to come to an agreement so we can buy our dream home.") *
The podcast is shared in video format on YouTube in addition to the audio podcast format. If selected for coaching with Ramit, are you willing to be on video?  *
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