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This form should be filled out for any events not for the general congregation. These events will not be advertised unless specified. Private events may be charged building rental fees and a coordination fee. Please no glitter allowed with decorations!
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Date of Event *
Time of Event *
Please differentiate set up/clean up time from the time of the event.
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Event Host *
Event host will be held as the responsible party, including the point of contact, and will be responsible for any building rental fees that may apply.
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Event Description *
Please provide a detailed description of the event, including any beneficiaries, partnering parties, and desired attendance population.
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Will you need childcare? *
Childcare is contingent upon permission from Family Ministries Staff. Private childcare is not permitted unless otherwise given permission through a Family Ministries staff member. Additional fees may apply for any provided childcare.
Facilities needed.
Please indicate all facilities that will be used during the event. If a classroom is needed, specify the room number in the Notes section of the form.
Equipment Needed
Please select all methods of church communication desired.
This event request must be submitted at minimum THREE SUNDAYS before the event in order to be put through Video Announcements, Sunday Bullet, and Guest Services. This three Sunday minimum will only allow a maximum of two Sundays of exposure. The earlier, the better!
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By typing your NAME and NUMBER below, you are taking responsibility for the cleaning of this event. All equipment must returned, rooms swept, and trash taken outside to the dumpsters. If facilities are not returned to original condition, an additional $100 clean up fee will be applied to the event host. **Please note that fees and deposit are required one week before the event.**
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