SPMS Elective Application 2020-2021
Students have the option to apply for (up to two) application-required electives. Rising 7th graders are only eligible to apply for News Crew and/or Yearbook. In order to apply, the following requirements must be completed by February 28th, 2020.

1. Return to guidance a completed Parent Acknowledgement Form (available in guidance or on the school website).
2. Complete the Online Application below.
3. Give a Teacher Recommendation Form (attached to the Parent Acknowledgement Form) to one teacher. The teacher will return this form to guidance on your behalf.
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Current Homeroom Teacher *
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You may apply for up to two application electives. Use the options below to select which applications you will complete. (If you are only applying to one elective, mark that as both your first and second choice) *
Student Aide (8th Only)
WEB (8th Only)
News Crew
None (No second choice)
First Choice
Second Choice
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