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Hiring throughout Virginia (and Montgomery County, MD)! New Applicant Form: ABC Liquor Reps (2-hr events)

Welcome and hello! Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Mad Events has been in business for over a decade, pairing alcohol sponsored events with polished professionals throughout MD, DC & VA. This position is for enthusiastic and fun personalities who are eager to learn, represent, and promote different alcohol brands. These Brand Ambassadors have a professional appearance (slacks w/dress shirt) and host 2-hour ABC Store Tastings. You must be at least 21 years old to apply.

Although we handle all types of promotional campaigns; this particular program is for In-Store ABC Liquor Reps for Customer Samplings. Mad Events has experience representing thousands of brands, to give you a better idea of this program we have included some event photos on the next page.

This application is an Initial Candidate Screening to determine if you're qualified to work with Mad Events! Please note this is not an agreement of any kind, it is only an application to express your interest in working with us. Please allow up to 10 minutes to complete this form. The sooner you complete it, the better.

Please grab your calendar since there will be a couple of questions regarding your schedule and availability.

Note: We hire both men and women, ages 21-55+. We hire all shapes and sizes. At times, our clients request specific looks, or might provide uniforms so we will need to know sizes. The questions asked will include work history, related sales experience, your availability as well as questions about your appearance and physical characteristics. Since there are many client programs, we will require a couple of photos that best represent your personality. For example, if you have blue hair or facial tattoos, you might not qualify for the majority of our programs. Our clients prefer a clean cut, well groomed, polished look.

You will be required to submit one close up and one full length photo (casual snapshots are accepted). Please email these photos to WITHIN 24 HOURS of submitting this form. Your full name and area should be listed on the subject line. Example: Kristin Davis RICHMOND

Are you ready to get started?! Let's go!

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