Support the Hyde-Addison Community's Requests for Local Relocation Options and Summer 2016 Preliminary Work
The Hyde-Addison Community strongly asks your support in requesting from DC Public Schools (DCPS) the following:

1 - Viable, local relocation options must be presented to the community, regardless of whether these options are available starting in fall 2016 or fall 2017. Simply eliminating all local options and recommending a remote location to start in fall 2017 is not acceptable.

2 – DCPS representatives with decision-making authority must urgently come before the Hyde-Addison community and provide justification for denying the use of the Duke Ellington School of Arts (DESA) field, a local relocation option available immediately, while issuing a recommendation for a distant option across the city available, at best, in August 2017 and then only if the Duke Ellington School construction manages to complete on schedule.

3 - DCPS must conduct preliminary work this summer while school is out in order to reduce the required relocation time from two school years to just one. Performing selective work on items that can be completed in the summer timespan can enable the relocation of students to be only be necessary for a single year.

Thank you for your support. Kindly enter your name and hit Submit at the bottom of the form in order to let the DCPS know that you support these requests from the Hyde-Addison Community
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Hyde-Addison Renovation & DCPS Timeline and Background
On March 11, 2016 DC Public Schools (DCPS) blindsided the Hyde-Addison Community with new delays and unacceptable recommendations for the long overdue renovation of Hyde-Addison Elementary School.

The most recent expectations of the local community for this necessary renovation project, which has been consistently delayed since 2012, had been for a single year of construction throughout the 2016-17 school year during which students could remain in the school. However, in December 2015, DCPS notified the Hyde-Addison community that students would need to relocate after all and a relocation swing space would be necessary for up to two years. This was the first blindside for parents who had previously been assured their children would not need to relocate and that the project would impact only a single school year.

Given the unexpected news that a swing space would be necessary, the Hyde-Addison School Improvement Team, in conjunction with parents, strongly stated to DCPS the preference for the vacant, local, and DCPS-owned Duke Ellington School of Arts (DESA) field.

Nonetheless, on March 11, DCPS blindsided the Hyde-Addison community a second time by stating that no acceptable local swing space could be found for 2016-17 and thus the project is delayed yet again while an acceptable swing space is sought. DCPS did not provide compelling reasons, but mentioned the opposition of Burleith residents, who put forward various non-compelling arguments for why the vacant and DCPS-owned property should remain empty and not be used as a temporary location for its neighbor community elementary school students. At the same time and in complete disregard of Hyde families’ request for a local swing space, DCPS also issued its recommendation for the swing space, starting in August 2017, to be Meyer Elementary School, on 11th Street far across town and through the worst of DC traffic. Additionally Meyer Elementary School is currently used by DESA students while their $250 million renovation occurs, which thus eliminates this option as a valid option in 2017 should that mammoth undertaking fall behind schedule.

Needless to say, the Hyde-Addison community finds this new delay and the DCPS swing space recommendation unacceptable. We strongly ask your support in adding your name to this petition.
Petition Responses to Date: 270
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