Love and Tragedy Book Tour
1 week Book Tour
Caleb Michaels & Madison Shay have always been in love, even though her older brother has always insisted that his little sister was off limits.
But she’s not little anymore.

Madison is ready to dive into a relationship with the only man she’s ever felt was worthy of her time. And ultimately, the pair never chose to jump in head first until tragedy strikes, when they are thrown into a whirlwind of passion and worldly deceit.
Caleb has been living a double life but with Madison in the mix, all bets are off the table. Now, he must protect the only woman he's ever loved. Especially when ties to an underground life runs deep.

Consequently, to avenge a beloved cousin, Madison goes after her abductors. Little does she know that this move could lead her down a path of destruction.
As Caleb and Madison experience the best of each other, the outside world makes high demands on the people they’ve become. Ultimately, their relationship might suffer in the process, in the first book of this romantic suspense series.

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