AcroYoga 'Move & Relax' Retreat in Sardinia 2.0
Move & Relax Retreat in Sardinia:

> Connect, move, explore and relax in an amazing scenery <

DATES: May 21st till 26th, 2020
PLACE TO BE: Via Monsignor Depau, 2, 08040 Ulassai OG, Italy
PHONE: 0032 484 990 861 or 0032 486 805 611

The amount of available spots is limited to 18 participants! Make sure to register soon. For any doubts and questions, remember - communication is the key.
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AcroYoga Retreat in Ulassai, Italy
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Please, provide us with your cell-phone number in case of any unexpected emergency situation or quick changes of program or whatsoever. We thank you for your understanding! Don't forget to mention your country code.
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Your Acro Experience: *
This section will give us a better idea of the group level. We would love to remind you, that there is NO beginner level. The retreat is focused on people with a certain experience in: AcroYoga, Standing Acrobatics, Partnering, Contact Improvisation, Acro Gymanstics and such.
Prices and Contents
-----> EARLY BIRDS, till 1st of March 2020 <-----

* SINGLE ticket for a dorm - 480€ per person.
* DUO-discount for a dorm - 450€ per person, if 2 or more people book together and pay the total price from ONE account.

* SINGLE ticket for a double room - 520€ per person.
* DUO-discount for a double room - 490€ per person, if 2 people book together and pay the total price from ONE account.

-----> LATE BIRDS, from 1st of March 2020 <-----

* SINGLE ticket for a dorm - 510€ per person.
* DUO-discount for a dorm - 480€ per person, if 2 or more people book together and pay the total price from ONE account.

* SINGLE ticket for a double room - 540€ per person.
* DUO-discount for a double room - 510€ per person, if 2 people book together and pay the total price from ONE account.


- 5 times breakfast, 4 times lunch, local BBQ - vegetarian menus will be available as well
- IMPORTANT NOTE: due to a COMPLETE LOCAL life style, it will be challenging to provide a nutritious vegan food. We can always try to do our best, but we CAN NOT guarantee it!
- 5 nights of accommodation in a dorm or a double room
- Local transport for group activities, such as hiking in wild nature, beach jamming, BBQ and more
- Daily Morning yoga sessions & AcroYoga workshops

- In order to have more flexibility in the program, we suggest to keep the dinner moments open for everyone. In general, the dinner costs 12€ a 15€ per person, per day. But we can also do the groceries ourselves and cook all together, which will be much cheaper. There will be a possibility to go to a local pizzeria and share the food together.

- Travel to Ulassai and back. This will be your responsibility.
- Travel from the Cagliari airport to the venue and back (this can be arranged, check for more info below).
Important Note:
- You can book your spot for the retreat without any delay. However, we would love to ask you to wait with booking your flights latest until 28th of February 2020.
- From 28th of February 2020, we can confirm to you, if the retreat takes place or not.
- In case of cancellation of the retreat due to low commitment, your retreat ticket will be FULLY refunded.
- We DO NOT refund your flight tickets, in case of low commitment and cancellation of the retreat, as a result.

- Despite, that the program is fairly ready, we will still leave some space for flexibility, depending on the group needs.
Accommodation Type *
If you come alone and choose for a Double Room, please bear in mind, you will have to share that room with someone else, who also comes alone, but chooses for a Double Room. We will communicate with you BEFORE any assignment with someone else. Feel free, to leave a comment, if there are any specific needs present, regarding your neighbor (assigned by us).
Transport from the airport to Ulassai and back *
A shared transport from the Cagliari airport to Ulassai and back, costs 90€ per single ride. A minibus can place up to 8 passengers. This ride can be arranged ONLY for participants, who will arrive in Cagliari, Thursday night - 21st of May and will depart from Cagliari, on Tuesday afternoon - 26th of May. If for some reason, you will arrive earlier, please, contact us, so we can see how to arrange it for you!
Payment Information

Move & Relax Retreat 2019

Name: AcroContactYoga - Ruslan
IBAN /Account number: BE82 0689 3184 4368
Subject: Retreat2020 + name(s)
Price: . . .see above. . .

You are welcome to pass your spot to someone else, but please notify us of that through e-mail.
Bear in mind, that passing your flight ticket to another person might not be allowed by the chosen flight company. In this case, we would advise you to book a flight ticket with a cancellation policy.
Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability
By signing this waiver, I agree to the next terms and conditions: I understand that participation on AcroYoga activities, offered by Move & Relax team 2.0: Ruslan Khalilov, Saar Wouters and Nannai Climbing Home, is fully my own responsibility. I recognize that yoga, acrobatics and other exercise fitness routines require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. In further consideration of being permitted to participate on Move & Relax retreat 2.0 activities, represented by the teachers of Move & Relax team 2.0: Ruslan Khalilov, Saar Wouters and Nannai Climbing Home, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim I may have against the teachers of Move & Relax team 2.0: Ruslan Khalilov, Saar Wouters and Nannai Climbing Home, for injury or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in the Move & Relax team 2.0 offerings.

I am agree, that refunding is NOT possible, after the ticket has been purchased. Exceptions to this are retreat cancellation by the organizing team, due to low commitment and/or force majeure, such as: long-term illness (longer than 2 weeks), heavy injuries or death of a relative. In case of force majeure we REQUIRE a doctor's certificate!
Do You Agree with the Terms of Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability? *
Do you have any suggestions or comments?
Feel free to share anything, we should know. It can be a dietary restriction, which the cooking team has to take in account. Or if you take a DUO-discount ticket, you can notify us, who is (are) your companion(s). For urgent doubts or questions, we prefer you to communicate with us via e-mail:
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Once your payment has been received, our team will notify you of that. From then on, your spot is completely booked.
Move & Relax Team 2.0
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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