Fairest Staff and Major Canon Application
We are looking to fill a few positions:


-Questmaster - (2 open)
Write quests and short-term roleplay plots. Plan big roleplay scenarios and faction combat.

Merlin will need to be a driving force in the protection of Whitecastle, as well as a political and sort of spiritual counselor. Roleplay experience necessary, with a good amount of experience in magical roleplay. Member of the Questmaster team.

-Evil Queen-
As this person drives the forces of evil, Evil Queen requires someone with both roleplay and writing experience, along with the ability to work well with others out of character. Member of the Questmaster team.

-Roleplay Ambassador- (2 positions)
The roleplay ambassadors help those new to roleplaying create their characters, use roleplaying tools, and get acclimated into our world. They enjoy roleplaying with a variety of people. A good amount of roleplay experience, some opensim experience, as well as patience, required.

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How would you address the problem of someone powerplaying?
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There's quite a few people on sim one Saturday, mostly just standing around. How would you motivate them to create a roleplay scenario that is fun for everyone? What kind of scenario do you envision?
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