LandSense Questionnaire
LandSense aims to develop an online marketplace where companies that develop IT solutions using LULC data in one of three themes - urban, rural, and forestry, can acquire this information and further develop their products. By completing this questionnaire, you help us develop and further enhance our platform. Thank you very much in advance! This will take up to 5 minutes of your time! We will make sure that your information stays private!

*Land Use/Land Cover data refers to data acquired from satellites which is analysed and can be used e.g. by farmers to derive relevant insights helping them support their farming decisions and enhance their organizations

What is the name of your organisation? *
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1. What type of organization are you? *
2. Please give us a brief description of your product/service? *
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3. Where is your organization located? *
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4. What are your target markets? *
5. Who are the target customers of your products/services and how do you reach them? *
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6. What types of supportive data do you gather along with LULC information? *
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7. What are the sources of your LULC data from? *
8. How do you ensure that acquired data/information is of adequate quality? *
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9. What were the difficulties when acquiring data and how do you overcome them? *
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10. Do you have other operational challenges in regards to land monitoring (financial, technical, availability of data)? *
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11. Please define how often do you require new LULC data? *
12. How do you process information? Do you have in house processing capacities? *
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13. Do you have a predetermined budget for LULC data acquisition? *
14. How important do you perceive the following features to be? (5 is the best)
a) The platform that offers a new distributive channel and access to customers *
b) Ability to access data previously not available *
c) Ability to access new sources of LULC data *
d) Ability to match-make with other organizations to co-create new products/services based on LULC data *
e) Bidirectional information flows between different communities (i.e. citizens, scientists, policymakers, industries, SMEs, NGOs, etc.); *
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